Meat Skull It Will Make You Fright

meat head in to basic most terrible dish when a Halloween party . If you are interested in making it , think about basic complying with method .

thin chops suitable meat attached to the head replica suitable plastic materials . Make sure that the skull had been cleaned and lubricated with honey as glue beef .

Meanwhile, various other make the eyes , the materials needed are two pieces of onion and pepper . The end result's ensured various other make treatment pores and skin spider .
Exactly how various other make it fairly easy and the materials needed are likewise simple various other make.

Materials :

1 piece of a plastic skull , two cocktail sticks and platters

Thin pieces of beef


2 shallots

2 pieces of pepper round

Red food coloring

How to make :

1. brush the surface of the plastic skull with honey , then pieces of meat began affixed to evenly cover     the skull ;

2. the plate serving also covered with pieces of meat ;

3. prick onion on a toothpick and then roll into the food coloring until the color changes to red . then       plug pepper as part of the iris of the eye. make sure no one takes this part because only decoration ;

4. repeat the same way on the rest of the other onions . then order a skull on a serving plate  

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