Fantastic!!! Husband Whose Nine Married Woman , Six At Home And Happy Life

basic family life, in social life, people around there is no problem relationship with neighbors . inaudible they fight so gossip. only it was said narjo, no one would suspect he had actually basic understanding suitable poise as well technology "strong".

    the more intimate again, to feed my inner being served according wife's request. for example, tonight, who would want that i serve. when everything asked for, everything has to be served. even playing together ever. i was able to give him in fair, so all my wife's love and love me, "said basic voice narjo sixth ordinary in front suitable his wife.
initially, it was wedded had not been Always happy. narjo also recalled started her marriage. naini he married, his first wife in 1999 and had two children. his name is also women, where there meals ALL sincere? that's basic naini said.

    he might not co-wife, finally asked for a divorce in 2010. at that time, my 1st spouse was just saying, speak brother happy with the other wives. she posed optimal muscular tissue divorce, "said narjo.
basic second wife he married sopia, 2007. sopia born in 1984, now age 31, provided basic child four people. in 2008, could Now his label had actually been hajjah sopia.
when asked, various other would certainly select narjo her husband, however already know that narjo already had actually muscular tissue wife. hajjah sopia say, because narjo good man and responsibilities. he's honest and do justice in basic family.

    we are happy, although his wife a lot. and if he wants to get married again even we do not forbid if that could make her happy, which is important he remains to do justice to all his wives. i have never felt jealous or how to husband, although basic spouse suitable another ., "said sopia.
no difference with third wife, sumarwati, who wedded in 2008 and two children. in 2013 he died as a result of an accident. while the fourth wife, rima, wedded in 2009 and gave narjo four children. rima was birthed in 1984 is Now 31 many years old.

    rima claimed, will certainly wed narjo because it is love. he saw his narjo wise and responsible. before getting married, i'm sure if narjo can bring happiness, so i want various other wed with narjo," states rima.
shown cases remain happy after marriage. during basic marriage no quarrel everything is fine in one house. "so, seeing ALL basic kids and husband were ALL basic same. there is no sense of difference, between his wife with basic other children," said rima.
rasima was wedded in 2010 as a fifth wife. rasima who had been birthed in 1984, now studying at the faculty of medicine in basic netherlands. "married with rasima we have actually 2 children," said narjo.
spouse 6th lisa, marriage in 2011 to have three children. Lisa was born in 1984, now 31 years old. Lisa admitted one month acquaintance or going out with narjo, already feel fit and want to get married. because Lisa felt narjo good man and good-looking.

    the feeling of affection and love for this narjo that makes me happy. and throughout basic marriage was happy, ALL in inadequate," i'm lisa.
Likewise nopi yuningtias, his 7th wedded 2011. nopi said he do not understand various other he wished for various other wed narjo.

    just because basic feelings of love and affection course i want to get married. though already knew that might capacity basic spouse suitable basic seventh," said nopi were no children on basic grounds was in college.
although i do not have actually children but still feel affection for other children. the feeling at seeing basic other children with her husband," i nopi.

    while basic eighth wife, selpia, 21 years, marriage january 2014. it's only eight months pregnant. he also admitted going to get married because basic feeling suitable love and affection.
i understand my husband Now has many wives , however i felt it was him honest fair and wise , " said selpia .
spouse various other nine , dahlia , new 2014 ago. new had actually one child , and 19 many years suitable age dahlia birth in 1996 .

     1st understand him , i feel his narjo honest , and able to feed . man wise and strong , " he admitted with muscular tissue smile .
posed what if narjo want various other add another wife , for basic spouse various other ten , dahlia said please origins remain able various other do justice .
i do not feel jealous , it 's up to her husband. all the wives up an important fair that's all, " he said .
narjo say , basic sixth wife stayed home . there are four rooms , one guest room , three bedrooms . could basic six existing spouse 's one- 2 wives and his children .

    ALL suitable these life joined there was never any difference as well fuss . they meals compact and faithful , " said narjo .

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